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Jamaica’s High Commissioner: All must work together to tackle crime

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Jamaica’s High Commissioner: All must work together to tackle crime

RECENTLY appointed Jamaican High Commissioner Arthur Williams on Sunday said Jamaicans must work together to tackle a number of societal ills and challenges, among them crime and violence.

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But even as he said this, Williams thanked God for the “positive trend” shown in the reduction of crime

On May 10, Williams presented his letters of credence to President Paula-Mae Weekes

Williams made the statement at Jamaica’s 57th anniversary of Independence thanksgiving service held at the Trinidad Christian Centre, corner of Simeon and Morne Coco Roads, Petit Valley

Jamaica Prime Minister Andrew Holness, in his Emancipation Day address, credited the “interventions made through Zones of Special Operations (ZOSOs)” in its crime reduction, the Jamaican Information Service website said

On August 6, Jamaica will celebrate its 57th anniversary of Independence

Addressing the congregants of the Trinidad Christian Centre, which included some Jamaican nationals, Williams said the country must be recommitted into God’s hands as it seeks to encourage the value of being “your brothers’ seeker.”

He added that the Christian values of honesty and respect for one another were central to rebuilding society and the nation

Williams’ address also looked at the role the church played in Jamaica’s educational development. “It is also important to note that the majority of our schools in Jamaica. In particular, our high schools…were established by the church. The Anglicans, Roman Catholics, the Methodists, the Baptists and the Seven Day Adventist churches…laid a solid foundation in our educational institutions.”

This, Williams said, helped to instil good values and attitudes for Jamaica’s young people over the years and shape the nation

He added as the country celebrates its anniversary of Independence, it was mindful of God’s continuous guidance and the pivotal role played by the church in building the nation

Trinidad Christian Centre’s Pastor Kelvin Siewdass said during his sermon that if TT and Jamaica were to be changed, it needed divine wisdom. He added that things were not all that great in TT and Jamaica and these nations need God’s supernatural intervention to make a change

Politicians, Siewdass said, have reached a point where they need God to intervene

His sermon carried the theme of letting God be God, and he said churches had a task of birthing nations.