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State of Emergency Ends Today

State of Emergency Ends Today

Today, June 30, marks the end of a three-month State of Emergency in Dominica.

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The initial period was from April 1 st to 20 th and was extended for a total of three months following a sitting of Parliament.

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The Act allowed for Government to impose restrictions to contain the coronavirus threat to public health.

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Individuals who were not considered essential workers were prohibited from being outdoors in public places from 6pm to 6am on weekdays, with a total lock down on weekends.

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The island is almost fully reopened now except for sporting facilities and events and commercial passenger travel

The Hon Prime Minister, Chair of the Cabinet Subcommittee on Covid19, Roosevelt Skerrit, said Sunday that the emergency powers jurisdiction would not be extended past June 30 th

“The Emergency Powers [Act] comes to an end on Tuesday, 30 th.  The Government is not intending to extend this. Therefore, in large measure we will go back to the normal or the new normal,” he said.  

The Hon Minister for Health and Wellness, Dr Irving McIntyre responded to the question of what the new normal will be after today

“We’re back to where we were before,” he said hastening to add that “before, we didn’t have Covid; now that we have Covid, we have to make sure that we can practice all these public health and social measures that we’ve had in place, which is what has brought our success.”

He listed proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette,wearing masks and sanitisation

Hon McIntyre also stated that there was a decrease in influenza-like symptoms for which he credits the guidelines promoted to curb the new coronavirus

“As a matter of fact,” he said, “Up to March of this year, influenza-like symptoms were down to 4 cases per week. Prior to these measures we put for Covid we used to get 25 cases a week

“It just shows you how wearing a mask, washing of hands and proper respiratory etiquette can cut down these things. This is what we want to emphasize.”