Jesus Quintero: Der schwierigste Test in einem Geschäftsumfeld mit Remote-Arbeit ist die Führung.


Remote work presents an opportunity for employees to prove their value beyond their expectations. With a company designed to attend its innate need to create, build, and transform, its members' sense of efficiency evolves from aspired achievements to daily tools.

Jesus Quintero, CEO of JQ Group of Companies shared his opinion with other business leaders in the world, We are concerned. Jesús Quintero reveals that although the physical presence and contact with the staff helps in creating the employee`s loyalty and sense of belonging with the company, the new situation has given him a different perspective.

The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated business and our general social dynamics. But it has also given a chance to prove that responsibility and commitment in the workforce may make the difference when it comes to overcoming adversity, Jesús Quintero says.


The hardest test in a remote work business environment is for leadership. The team leaders, as responsible for the management of processes, face an opportunity to grow their leadership capacities. As explained by FranklinCovey Field VP, Kory Kogon<span lang=”EN-US” style=”color:black”>, the abilities for communication, focus, and setting objectives, must acquire enough magnitude to overcome the lack of physical presence. 


Most of the recommendations made by Kogon refers to how a well-managed team leader/team member dynamic canalized through established and standardized channels promotes effectiveness.


As a business leader, Jesus Quintero steps into this new reality, produced by an unprecedented but temporary anomaly, and recognizes the opportunities available. Analyzing the results of an efficiency-oriented business decision, that gives employees a more balanced personal and professional experience, helps him focus on applying the organizational adjustment required to install remote work as a disruptive upgrade in operations.


Improvements made in the working environment are no longer related to the physical disposition of elements, but in the intangible structure of an organization focused on achieving its objectives and bringing social value.