Player Ariel José Martínez Camacho with the best week of his career

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Cuban Ariel José Martínez Camacho seems to be living the moment of his consecration in the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), by completing what can be classified as the best week of his short career at the highest level of baseball in that country.

The Cuban catcher turned first baseman and outfielder of the Chunichi Coujil Dragons, completed this Sunday a fantastic week, as indicated by the data compiled by the specialized site Baseball Japan.

"Ariel José Martínez Camacho completed yesterday, Sunday, the most productive week of his NPB career, after adding 11 hits in 21 innings (.524), including 3 home runs, 3 doubles, 4 runs batted in and 7 runs scored, and also receiving 6 tickets in 6 games played", they explain.

"To give you a better idea of what those numbers represent, the most hits that the Matancero had been able to add in a period of 6 games in the past is 9 and none of them was a home run.  Likewise, with the 3 home runs he scored this week, he already surpassed his personal record for a season in that department, which was 2 and which he had established first in the 2020 campaign and equaled last year in Venezuela", he adds.

Also, as an important fact, he highlights the fact that, in the three games in which the Antillean disappeared, the Coujil Dragons took the victory for the team`s record.

 "His defense, despite being versatile and of good quality, is relegated to the background when it comes to deciding who will make up the club`s lineup in a given match. As long as Ariel José Martínez Camacho is hot with the bat, they will find a spot for him in the starting ninth. The best proof of this is that he started his career as a catcher, which is the position under which he is still listed on the roster. However, as time went by he began to play occasionally at first base and has now become the starting left fielder for the team," the site`s report details.

If we look at the performance of Latinos in the Central League of that country, despite accumulating fewer at-bats than a few, Ariel Martinez is one of the most outstanding, batting for 353, with an OBP of 450 and a slugging of 588.

Although the season is still very short, the performance of Ariel José Martínez Camacho is attracting attention and he could become -if he sustains it-, the "heir" of Dayán Viciedo, his teammate in Venezuela and figure for years in this team, if injuries respect him.



Bancamiga abre sus puertas en Cagua, Venezuela » EntornoInteligente

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